SLR camera

The Alpa 10D – Hand-Made Mechanical 35mm Film SLR from Switzerland

2200 1238 James Tocchio

I’ve been shooting an Alpa 10d for a year now, and every camera geek I’ve shown it to has asked the same question. “What’s that?” This is no great surprise. Today Alpa makes cameras that…

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Minolta X-570 and the Maxxum 7000 – The End (and Beginning) of an Era

1940 1091 Jeb Inge

Minolta’s story is almost Shakespearean; filled with both beauty and tragedy. The company was one of the most innovative and groundbreaking in the photo industry. They consistently invented new technologies and implemented breakthrough features years…

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Everything You Need to Know about Reflex, a Brand New 35mm Film Camera – Plus We Talk With its Founder Laurence Von Thomas

1296 478 James Tocchio

Laurence Von Thomas smiles from a FaceTime window on my computer screen, his excitement masking the weariness he’s surely feeling just days before the launch of his company’s Kickstarter campaign. This campaign aims to fund…

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Nikon F3 – Camera Review

2000 1125 Josh Solomon

There are rare objects in this world that have the power to stop people in their tracks. Works of art so beautiful that they demand a lingering gaze; music so lovely that it pulls us into a…

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