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  • Nikon N8008 / F-801 – Camera Review

    Shooting classic cameras often brings compromise. Sometimes your camera lacks auto-focus, other times it’s got no light meter, or maybe your camera can’t auto-expose. I love old cameras, but occasionally the…

  • Nikon 50mm Manual Focus Lens Shootout

    The 50mm lens; for decades it’s been the do-it-all piece of glass for countless photographers. From product photography to portraits, journalism to snapshots, 50mm lenses are so highly regarded on account of their compactness, capability,…

  • A Guide to Buying Cameras on eBay

    Buying cameras can be tricky. Once you’re bitten by the collector’s bug, it doesn’t take long to tap dry your local thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets. The insatiable thirst…

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