I’m James, and I want to keep writing for you. Producing quality content takes time and money. If you like Casual Photophile, here’s how you can help.

The easiest way you can help the site to grow is by using my affiliate links when you shop for anything online. Bookmark them and use them every time you need something from Amazon, eBay, or B&H Photo. This will cost you nothing, but will help the site earn revenue which I’ll use to continue producing free content for you photo geeks!

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Get Featured or Contribute Writing

Photo geeks all over the world can submit their work to be featured on our recurring segment, Featured Photophile. Here we spotlight amateur photographers who are doing unique things and making pretty pictures. Getting involved is easy – just tag your photos with #featuredphotophile on Facebook, Instagram, Ello, or Twitter and I’ll get in touch!

I’m now accepting submissions for publication, so if you’d like to contribute a story, essay, review, or photo series, send a message to Include your name, address, a short profile, links to any published work, and your submission. I’m only looking for strong storytelling and compelling imagery related to photo geek culture. If your writing is good, I’ll get in touch.


If you have gear that you’re not using or would like to see featured on the site, you can donate it to the site. All brands and types of cameras, lenses, film and accessories are useful to us. I’ll promptly queue all interesting gear for future articles and reviews, and any repeat items will be given away to new photo geeks. If this sounds interesting to you, you can mail packages to : F Stop Cameras LLC., c/o James Tocchio, 20 Center Hill Rd., Kingston, MA 02364

Alternately you can request a prepaid box in which you can pack and ship the contents free of charge. Request a prepaid box by sending a message to

T-Shirts and Merchandise

I’m looking into creating a line of shirts and merchandise to celebrate classic cameras and film photography in the modern age. As the project progresses I will update this space. Let me know if this piques any interest.

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