Rokkor, Nikkor, Takumar and Zuiko – The Stories Behind Japanese Lens Names

2560 1440 Josh Solomon

What’s with those names? Josh briefly tells us the origins of lens brand names such as Nikkor, Zuiko, Rokkor, and Takumar.

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Women at War – Three Pioneering Female Combat Photographers – Part 2

1432 1127 Josh Solomon

We spotlight three incredible, pioneering conflict photographers who also happen to be women, in part two of our series on the topic.

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A Quick Look at the Polaroid Polaprinter Slide Copier

2800 1575 James Tocchio

Friday afternoon, end of the workweek, and my camera shop employee, Kyle, is walking out the door. I notice for the hundredth time a box in the corner of the office, and call, “Hey we’ve…

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Nearly Dead and Almost Forgotten – 127 Film Today

2800 1575 Jeb Inge

A brief history of 127 film, an overview of the cameras that shoot it, and whether or not shooting them is worth the trouble today.

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Women at War – Three Pioneering Female Combat Photographers

1544 925 Josh Solomon

“Don’t read the comments” is usually wise advice for writers of internet content. But on occasion, comment sections can yield something spectacular. In the comments section of our “Five More Famous Photographers and the Gear…

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Astronaut Ed White, the First American Space Walk, and the Camera He Used

2400 1600 Cheyenne Morrison

I was seven years old the day that Neil Armstrong took that famous “giant leap for mankind” upon the Moon. I vividly remember taking the day off from school so that we could watch this…

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The Big Shot Polaroid – Andy Warhol’s Pen & Pencil 

1920 1080 Cheyenne Morrison

“Mr. Land [Edwin] invented this great camera called a Polaroid, and it just takes the face of the person. There is something about the camera that makes the person look just right. They usually come…

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The Sweetest Taboo – The Unlikely Story of Leitz Minolta

2800 1575 Josh Solomon

The 1970s were a great time for camera geeks. The decade brought us the apex of professional mechanical 35mm SLRs in the Nikon F2, and the beginning of the amateur 35mm SLR segment as we…

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Nikon SP Limited Edition 2005 Overview – Nikon’s Rangefinder Swan Song

2400 1350 James Tocchio

The Nikon SP Limited Edition from the year 2005 is a really special camera. All things considered, it may be the brand’s best film camera. It’s the most capable rangefinder that Nikon ever built, handcrafted with…

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Gold Collector Cameras

1152 648 Josh Solomon

There’s a famous scene in This Is Spinal Tap in which the guitarist of Spinal Tap, Nigel Tufnel, shows off his guitar collection. He finally comes to the crown jewel, a Sea Foam Green Fender…

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What’s an ‘Apollo’ Nikon F and Why It Matters

2400 1350 James Tocchio

James explains what makes the special Nikon F “Apollo” so special (or not so special), with examination of why it matters (or doesn’t).

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Nikon F – The Camera That Changed Everything

2200 1238 Josh Solomon

If there’s one camera that’s been a constant presence throughout my years as a photographer and writer, it’s the Nikon F. Nearly every research trail or trip to the camera show somehow ends with the…

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Diving Deep with Nikonos – A Brief History of Nikon’s Underwater Cameras

2200 1238 James Tocchio

I watched with helpless horror as my camera fell, seemingly in slow-motion, fumbled from the uppermost point of a rough stone jetty. It tumbled and bounced from rock to rock on a plummeting course to…

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