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  • We Pick Your First Film Camera For Under $50

    Recent articles by the likes of TIME magazine, BBC news, and others have announced to the masses what many of us have known for years – film photography is back. And you…

  • Why Photography is the Best Hobby

    People have always asked me why I’m into photography. The early answer was pathetic. “I don’t know.” And the conversation would end. A few years in, the answer evolved to something…

  • 5 Reasons to Shoot Film When Traveling

    Got a trip coming up? Are you the kind of person who shoots both film and digital cameras? Then let me make a suggestion; the next time you’re traveling, leave the DSLR…

  • Should You Buy a Mechanical or Electronic Camera?

    Spend any amount of time on photography forums and you’ll learn pretty quickly that photographers will argue about anything. Analog versus digital, slides versus C-41, Nikon versus Canon, and Leica versus…

  • Not Everyone Needs a Leica

    While poking around the local camera store, I overheard a teenage-looking customer ask the clerk about some gear. He wanted a certain type of lens to replace his kit lens, but…

  • Why Everyone Should Shoot a Wide Angle Lens

    At its very best, photography presents the viewer with something previously unseen. Some of the best photographs are the ones that show a far away place, a seemingly impossible event, or…

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