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  • Desert Island Cameras No. 02 – Olympus Edition

    We’re back with another installment of Desert Island Cameras, the recurring article in which we answer the question, “If you could only have one, which would it be?” That’s right –…

  • We Pick Your First Film Camera For Under $50

    Recent articles by the likes of TIME magazine, BBC news, and others have announced to the masses what many of us have known for years – film photography is back. And you…

  • Why Photography is the Best Hobby

    People have always asked me why I’m into photography. The early answer was pathetic. “I don’t know.” And the conversation would end. A few years in, the answer evolved to something…

  • 5 Reasons to Shoot Film When Traveling

    Got a trip coming up? Are you the kind of person who shoots both film and digital cameras? Then let me make a suggestion; the next time you’re traveling, leave the DSLR…

  • Should You Buy a Mechanical or Electronic Camera?

    Spend any amount of time on photography forums and you’ll learn pretty quickly that photographers will argue about anything. Analog versus digital, slides versus C-41, Nikon versus Canon, and Leica versus…

  • Not Everyone Needs a Leica

    While poking around the local camera store, I overheard a teenage-looking customer ask the clerk about some gear. He wanted a certain type of lens to replace his kit lens, but…

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