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  • Minolta XK – Camera Review

    It was after climbing 2,000 feet above sea level, with several hundred more to hike, that I decided to hate Minolta’s XK. I stood hunched and panting over a tangle of…

  • Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm F/2 – Lens Review

    I shoot a lot of old cameras, archaic machines that in some cases recall a time when the United States was comprised of only forty-eight such distinct territories, and it’s not…

  • Minolta M Rokkor 28mm F/2.8 – Lens Review

    The end of a tiresome week found me weary, disheartened, and worn out. It also found me stuffed into a small, German sedan with my wife, our one-year-old daughter, and enough…

  • Five Best Cameras for Photography Students

    There’s a certain question that I get asked virtually every single day. People need to know what camera they should buy for their upcoming high school or college photography class. It’s a…

  • Minolta XE-5 – Camera Review

    I began my photographic journey with a Minolta DSLR, the rather fantastic-in-its-day Maxxum 5D, so when I felt the urge to try some film shooting more than a decade later, Minolta…

  • The Best First Film Camera for Any Shooter

    It’s one of the questions we’re asked most often here at CP, across our social media accounts, and through our online shop. Every day, new shooters and experienced digital photographers ask us…

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