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  • Fujifilm X70 Mirrorless Camera Review

    Don’t worry; we’re not jumping ship on classic cameras. But sometimes digital gets it so right we just can’t resist. Take the Fujifilm X70, for example, which is something of a unicorn…

  • Featured Photophile No. 007 – Max Bevill and his Fuji TX-1

    Featured Photophile, our recurring segment showcasing talented amateur photographers, is back. Today we’re spotlighting a young photophile named Max Bevill. Max recently took a trip and asked my opinion on which cameras he should bring…

  • Fuji GW690 – Medium Format Camera Review

    After nearly three years of running this website, I’ve finally discerned the characteristics that make up my ideal camera. I like versatility and affordability, so interchangeable lens SLRs are my starting…

  • 5 Great Film Cameras Under $100

    These days, film cameras are a dime a dozen, and while they may not be as alluring as the newest mirror-less marvel from Sony, they’re definitely worth owning. Not convinced? Then…

  • 5 Best Travel Cameras – Digital Edition

    The last time we talked about travel cameras we focused on making a list of five retro machines. It was a pretty excellent list. Picking any one of the cameras on…

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