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  • Shooting Film Through Thailand with Dan Diaz

    Editor’s Note – James here. You may have noticed that we’re branching out from our usual gear reviews and opinion pieces. While those will still make up the lion’s share of…

  • Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 – Six Months In

    It’s been more than six months since Bellamy Hunt (a.k.a. Japan Camera Hunter) brought a new black-and-white film stock to market, and while snide comments about Bellamy’s motives have popped up here and there, it…

  • Kodak Tri-X – Film Profile

    Guitarists have the Fender Stratocaster, soldiers the AK-47, and handymen the world over have WD-40. These products have become the standard bearers in their fields; tools of the trade that are…

  • Fomapan Creative 200 – Film Profile

    We’re back with another film profile, and since we’re smack in the middle of a series on home-developing black-and-white film we’ve decided to spotlight, you guessed it, a black-and-white film. But…

  • Kodak BW400CN – Film Profile

    We’re back with another film profile to help you decide which film is right for you. In the past we’ve profiled two Kodak films that are still being produced today; the smooth-as-silk Kodak Ektar…

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