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  • Exploded Views – Nikon F3

    After an extended hiatus, our Exploded Views feature is back, and I’ve brought to bear my most ambitious effort yet! I’ve chosen a truly legendary camera, Nikon’s F3, and photographed it in a way…

  • Exploded Views – Olympus OM2

    We’re back with another Exploded View, and this time we’ve dissected a fan-favorite SLR. It’s Olympus’ OM-2, one of the smallest and most technologically advanced cameras of the film era. When we reviewed the…

  • Exploded Views – Canon AF35M

    It seems we’ve been on something of a Canon binge lately. We’ve reviewed the classic A-1, put a wide FD lens through its paces, and just wrapped up our AE-1 springtime giveaway!…

  • Exploded Views – Minolta SRT 201

    We’re back with another ridiculous explosion of camera parts, and this time we’ve completely disassembled an old, broken down Minolta SRT-201. This all-mechanical marvel of Japanese ingenuity comes from one of the…

  • Exploded Views – Minolta MC Rokkor 50mm F/2

    Here’s another installment in our Exploded Views feature. Last time we featured the Canon AE-1, and this week we’re showcasing something that’s admittedly simpler, less jaw-dropping, and easier on our bleeding…

  • Exploded Views – Canon AE-1

    Casual Photophile was born from an appreciation that cameras are amazing, tiny machines. What better way to illustrate the intricacy and wonder of these little devices than to tear them apart and…

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