35mm Film

Foma Fomapan 100 35mm Film Review

2800 1857 Josh Solomon

Part One It’s 3:45 PM. The sound of steady rain falling outside the cafe is getting tiresome. It shouldn’t be raining today, or at least not right now. I was counting on it, for the…

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Nikon F100 Review – The Ultimate 35mm Film SLR Value

2000 1125 Jeb Inge

It was one year ago, while preparing to move to Germany, that I purchased my Nikon F100. I bought it in the hope that it would be all the camera I would ever need —…

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Fujicolor Industrial 100 – Film Profile

2800 1575 Drew Chambers

The simplest, most cost-effective way to jazz up one’s film photography is to spring for a new film stock. Sure, you could seek a rare lens or a unique body, but nothing beats the ease…

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Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f/1.5 – The Legendary “King of Bokeh”

2400 1600 Cheyenne Morrison

I’ve been shooting all sorts of classic lenses for many years, but for a long time I sought one legendary portrait lens above them all, the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f/1.5. Zeiss originally dubbed this…

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Canon T80 Review – A Canon Fan Shoots Canon’s First Autofocus SLR

2800 1866 Chris Cushing

Back in mid-December James asked if I wanted to review the Canon T80. When I responded enthusiastically (and in the affirmative), James seemed to think I was being facetious. His reponse to my apparent excitement…

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Which Contax T Series Camera Should You Buy?

2800 1575 Josh Solomon

In 1984, Zeiss’ Contax brand partnered with Yashica to make the Contax T cameras, a series of luxury compact cameras aimed at moneyed enthusiasts. The cameras were small jewels of photographic design and technology, and…

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Five High Quality 35mm Rangefinders You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

2800 1575 James Tocchio

Leica too trendy for you? Sick of hearing about the Nikon SP? First, what’s wrong with you? And second, what’s wrong with me? Because I’m sick of them too! Looking for something to spark the…

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Announcing the CP Film of the Month Club – Support the Site, Get Film

2800 1575 James Tocchio

Today we’re launching our Film of the Month Club for CP readers and fans of film photography. Subscribers will receive a roll of film every month, plus access to an exclusive and focused CP Film and…

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Olympus Zuiko 40mm F/2 Lens Review – Maitani’s Smallest Zuiko

2800 1575 Dustin Vaughn-Luma

I’ve spent the past few months shooting a rare and interesting lens from Olympus’ glory days, the Olympus Zuiko 40mm F/2 in OM mount. This lens combines many of the things that photo geeks (past…

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Leica CL Review – the Smallest M-Mount Rangefinder Defies Comparison

2800 1575 James Tocchio

The great thing about the Leica CL, when new, was that it shed the trappings of the brand whose name it wore. It wasn’t trying to be a Leica M. It was its own thing,…

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Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H Film Profile

3000 1688 Josh Solomon

I’m going to talk about Fujifilm’s Fujicolor Pro 400H, Fuji’s pro-level color negative film. I really am. But I’ve got to get something off my chest first. I really don’t like being the “get off…

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Pentax UC-1 (Espio Mini) Point and Shoot Film Camera Review – The Little Lens that Could

1863 1048 Jeb Inge

Brand loyalty can be a beautiful thing. Take an old friend of mine for example – she was head-over-heels in love with her Pentax K-5. She loved taking photos, even if she wasn’t in love with…

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The Canon Canonet 28 – A Camera Made for Taking it Easy  

3000 1688 Drew Chambers

We’ve talked about the Canon New Canonet 28’s faster relatives twice before; our reviews of the New Canonet QL17 and that camera’s successor, the Canonet G-III (QL) 17, both spoke in glowing terms. And rightly…

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The Fujifilm Natura Black F1.9 is an Ultra Wide and Super Fast Point and Shoot Film Camera

3000 1687 James Tocchio

I spent five of ten vacation days shooting a Fujifilm Natura Black F1.9 point-and-shoot film camera. I also spent five of ten vacation days with flu-like symptoms. Surprisingly, the two experiences weren’t all that dissimilar.…

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