What’s Selling Weekly No. 003 – Bargain Hunting Edition

It’s time again for What’s Selling Weekly, our weekly roundup of rare, interesting, and unique photo gear currently up for grabs on the internet. Since we’ve featured cameras and photographs fetching astronomical prices in the past couple of weeks, this week we’ve decided to play the bargain hunter. But a warning to prospective buyers; you must be quick on the click if you’re to snag one of these deals. There’s no guarantee these listings will still be here by the time you read the rest of this article. Act swiftly!

Canon FD 28mm 2.8 review 7

Everybody needs a good wide angle lens. We believe that so heartily that we even wrote an article about it. And one of the best deals in wide-angle lenses comes from an old standby, Canon.

Canon’s FD 28mm f/2.8 is a fantastic performer from one of the best ranges of legacy lenses around today. Whether using it on a classic film camera or a new mirror-less marvel, it’ll produce exceptional images. Its focusing ring is buttery smooth and the pictures are what we’d expect from a world-class lens maker – simply fantastic. What’s equally fantastic is the price from B&H’s used department. Wide-angle lenses almost never dip below the $100 mark and to see a price like that from a major dealer is simply remarkable. Get yours here.

WSW 003 pentax

Our recent review of the Pentax SV was a glowing one, and with good reason. It’s one of the most perfectly designed cameras ever and still holds up fine as an enthusiast’s mechanical SLR. One would think that a camera this sweet would command higher prices, but it’s really incredibly inexpensive (something that makes the SV even easier to recommend).

Why is it so cheap? I think it’s because the SV tends to gets lost in the Pentax conversation, overshadowed by the glowing praise so lavishly heaped on the company’s Spotmatic, K1000, ME, and MX. Fortunately for us shooters, this oversight means that SVs can be found for pennies on the dollar. Make no mistake, this is one of the best deals in photography, and a camera to last another lifetime. Get it here.

WSW no 003 Canon

Sometimes when you search for something on the internet you get more than you bargained for. Our next highlight is just such a time. We were searching for a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C., a fantastic lens for classic Canon shooters and modern mirror-less lovers alike. This is a lens that’s easily won the hearts of many a Canonite for its gorgeous bokeh and stopped-down sharpness, and to our surprise we found one paired to a seriously underpriced camera; Canon’s FTb-QL.

The Canon FTb-QL is one of Canon’s sleepers. The advanced-amateur little brother to the company’s tank-like and professional-spec F-1, the FTb-QL is a Canon that’s often forgotten. But for those who know, the FTb-QL is possibly the smoothest camera in the entire Canon lineup. Its mirror dampening mechanism works beautifully and serves to create a quiet and nearly vibration-free SLR experience. This black beauty paired with the sharp, contrasty 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C. offers an impressive low-light kit for stealthy street shooting. Check it out.

WSW No 003 Olympus XA2

We’re huge fans of the Olympus XA series of cameras. Their small, sleek design tickles our fancy time and time again, and we’re always happy to see people shooting these fantastic machines. Here we have the XA2 variant, a scale-focusing version of the XA. But even though it’s a scale-focusing camera, the XA2 still remains a formidable camera in part because of its low price. It’s one of the best for choices for travelers and vacationers who want to carry little weight and still make excellent images. It packs a slick D.Zuiko 35mm f/3.5 which, despite its slow speed, renders beautifully.

Everybody needs a compact camera. They don’t take up much space, are always there when you need them, and most importantly, they make photography joyful and fun. And that’s the beauty of the XA2. It’s just a lot of fun. Get it here.

WSW no 003 Nikormat

And finally we have the king of unassuming cameras, the Nikkormat FTn. This one happens to be wedded to the Nikkor H.C. 50mm f/2 lens, an equally unassuming lens. At first glance, this combo doesn’t seem to inspire much reverence. Indeed, one could be forgiven for casting only a passing glance at the chunky pseudo-Nikon paired with the brand’s slowest 50mm, before moving on to greener pastures.

But the shrewd photo geek knows better. The Nikkormat, although not without its design quirks, is still by all rights a hearty Nikon and possibly more in keeping with the company’s core philosophy than later designs. Though it was billed as an amateur camera, the Nikkormat still shares the same build quality as the legendary F-series, and is hand-built to boot. And that old, slow dog of a Nikkor? One of the sharpest 50’s out there, bar none. In fact, paired to a Sony a7, or equipped with a macro filter, it’s been used for more than a few Casual Photophile product shots. All of this for $50 plus shipping. What are you waiting for? Get it already.

And that does it for this week’s WSW! Join us next week for more bargains and oddities from the wide world of the internet. And if you’ve found a great deal yourself (and don’t mind sharing) let us hear about it in the comments.

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