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It’s not every day that an Instagram post stops me in my tracks, but that’s what happened a few months ago when I stumbled upon a series of incredible art pieces by Portland, Oregon based artist Ben Hucke. Words don’t do justice to the pieces, so you might be better served to just take a look for yourselves.

While all of his artwork, from his Egyptian Darth Vader to his recreation of the Nintendo Zapper, are incredible, it’s the camera pieces in particular that caught my eye. Ben has painstakingly and beautifully reproduced in pen and ink some of the world’s most legendary and well-loved film cameras. His handling of these icons of classic design is masterful, and the final results of his labor are often as impressive as they are captivating.

I immediately wanted a print to hang in my office. But wait, I run a camera shop, and the thought occurred to me that other folk might want prints as well. I contacted Ben, worked out the details, and now I’m proud to say that F Stop Cameras is the only place to buy prints of Ben’s incredible art. But let’s take a closer look.

benjamins - 4

At the moment we’re able to offer three of Ben’s prints, though he’s told me that he’s got more camera-related offerings coming down the pike.

For now, we can show you his print of a legendary SLR, Canon’s AE-1. This is a camera that, for many photo geeks, started it all. As comfortable in the weathered hands of a professional photog as it is in the supple palms of a first-year student, the AE-1 can do it all. Equally important, it looks damn good doing it. That’s why I was thrilled to see its classic good looks interpreted through Ben’s art.

Next we’ve got two different prints of the masterfully built and undeniably legendary Rolleiflex TLR. This medium format camera needs no introduction. It’s been around for nearly a century in various forms, has been the preferred tool of countless artists, and hails from a bygone era in which form was equal to function. Ben offers us a full-frontal shot of this amazing machine, as well as a three-quarter view. Both are simply stunning.

benjamins - 3

I’ve spent a number of weeks working with our print shop to make sure we’re using the absolute best materials for these prints. My printer and I have worked it all out so that we’re really maximizing the impact of Ben’s work. Rather than cheap, disposable art, these prints are produced on heavy, high quality fine art paper. Detail is phenomenal, and these prints look unbelievable under glass. They truly are a statement piece that’s perfect for the home or office.

If you have any interest in buying a print, we’ve detailed everything in our online shop. And if you’d like to purchase an original piece you can do so through Ben’s website. Take a look, and if you’ve any feedback for the artist let us know about it in the comments.

Buy the prints exclusively at F Stop Cameras

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