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It’s no secret we love film cameras. To us, there’s no better way of taking a break from the technological over-saturation of our day-to-day lives than leaving the digital stuff at home, loading a roll of film, and seeing what kind of images we can make with a “primitive” analog camera. It’s just the best.

Our mission here at CP is, in part, to help this passion for film shooting blossom in those who visit. There’s no better feeling than the one we get when we introduce someone to the world of film photography for the very first time, either through this site or through our camera shop.

With this goal in mind, we occasionally give cameras away for free. And, guess what? We’re doing it again.

In the past we’ve given away a number of classic Canons, the perennially popular AE-1 and it’s more capable brother the A-1. This time we’re upping the ante. That’s right; we’re giving away a Leica.

Want it? I thought so. For contest details, read on.


Let’s get to it. The film camera we’ve chosen for our year-end giveaway is one of the cameras that most impressed us in 2015. It’s the Leica Minilux.

We reviewed Leica’s prominent point-and-shoot back in the glorious warmth of summer, and found it to be one of the most intuitive and fun point-and-shoot cameras around. It makes amazing photos with  its outstanding Leica lens, looks simply stunning, and feels damn fine. The Minilux is the kind of camera one falls in love with, and it’s the perfect end-of-year freebie for one lucky winner.

We’ll also have prizes for three runners-up, just like we did for our last giveaway. And just like last time, these three shooters will receive an 8 x 8 print of an exploded Olympus OM2 as seen in our Exploded Views series.


So how do you enter to win? Simple stuff, really.

Casual Photophile is a photography site, so to enter the contest we’re going to ask that entrants submit a photo via our Ello page, Facebook wall, or Instagram feed.

Please tag us in your photo so we can find it, and include the hashtag #WinJamesLeica

What kind of photos are we looking for? Anything really.

We also ask that your photo be creative, and that it be suitable for all audiences.  

We don’t care what camera you use; it can be a Sony A7RII or a pinhole camera. The key is to use your creativity to bring a unique vision to life.

Contest entries must be received by November 30th, 2015. You can submit as many different photos as you like, and you can submit the same entry on each social media platform, but duplicate submissions on a single platform will be ineligible.

The photos will be reviewed across all our social media platforms and we’ll choose a winner by December 3rd. We’ll announce the big winner and the three runners-up in a post displaying their names and showcasing the winning shots. We’ll then get in touch with everyone to arrange shipping.

The best part of running CASUAL PHOTOPHILE is connecting with photo geeks from all over the world. With this in mind, the contest is open to anyone, in any country, on any continent.

This is an exciting way for CP to give back to its readers, and encourage more people to shoot with these wonderful, vintage machines.

We hope you enjoy the contest, and good luck to all!

Can’t wait to win a free Leica? Buy it now on eBay or Amazon

Casual Photophile is on ElloFacebookInstagram, and Youtube


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