Weekend What’s Selling No 005 : Olympus, Minolta, Nikon, and Asilda Store Deals

WWS 005

Another weekend, another Weekend What’s Selling bursting with amazing deals on cameras and interesting finds for photo geeks.

This week we have the usual curated eBay deals, a great SLR kit from our own F Stop Cameras, a slick and stylish rangefinder by Olympus, some quality stuff from Kenmore Camera, and a fantastic accessory from one of our favorite photographers.

Let’s get to it!

Well-priced quality

Olympus XA Rangefinder with Flash

A favorite among film and street shooters, the Olympus XA offers exceptional performance in a minuscule package. It’s one of the best cameras for inconspicuous captures, and the Zuiko glass does not disappoint. We’re working on a review, but surely some of you already know how fun this camera can be, so if you’re in the market this may be the one to get. Olympus XA

Sold through eBay, this version comes with the original box, papers, flash, and carrying case. It’s fully functional, exceptionally clean, and is covered by eBay’s buyer protection in the event something unfortunate happens.

Minimal risk, low price, and we think you’ll love the camera. What could be better?

Listed on eBay auctions (current price $24)

Minolta SRT 100 SLR kit with two lenses

Offered from our own vintage camera shop, F Stop Cameras, this Minolta SLR comes from one of the sturdiest model ranges that company ever produced. The SRT series was Minolta’s top selling camera for almost 20 years due to its exceptionally robust construction, professional grade specifications, and amazing light-metering system. This system was known as CLC; we covered it extensively in our review, and we feel it’s arguably the best exposure meter in all of vintage photography.

minolta srt kit

This particular camera is the entry-level model, and while it lacks some of the higher end features of its more expensive brothers, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with shooting film, a new photographer, or an old-hand who wants a bulletproof and perfectly capable camera.

It ships with both a Rokkor X 50mm ƒ/1.7 (Minolta’s top of the line lens series) as well as a Sears 80-200mm telephoto zoom. We’ve included a cleaning brush and a lens case to create a full-featured kit.

Like all cameras sold through F Stop Cameras, this machine is fully tested, guaranteed to be working perfectly, and comes with a new battery.

Listed on F Stop Cameras for $149

Nikon Nikkormat with 50mm Lens

From Kenmore Camera we have another perfect machine for the newbie or the pro, and an outstanding value for money. This Nikkormat is one of the best mechanical SLRs we’ve ever reviewed, and it’s being offered here for a steal.

nikkormat with lensThis camera hails from the era of brick-solid Nikons that favored mechanical precision over technological sophistication. It still offers a light meter for those who need a helping hand, but excepting this it will shoot for years without even using battery. It’s one of the best, albeit chunky, cameras around.

The Nikkor 50mm ƒ/2 lens, while not offering the fastest aperture in the world, is perfectly capable for general purpose shooting, snapshots, and excels in street photography.

Kenmore Camera has priced this machine lower than we feel it should be, and it won’t last long. This is a chance to own one of the best full-metal cameras out there for way less than average.

Listed at Kenmore Camera for $69

Asilda Photography Limited Edition Film is not Dead Pin + Prints

If you’re active on Instagram and follow the photography scene, you’ll likely be aware of this last bit of kit. Offered from Anastasia Petukhova’s Asilda Store, this little pin is making a big impact. It’s been featured on countless IG feeds and can be seen shamelessly accentuating some of the best cameraporn out there. And for good reason.


We’ve got one in the office, and we can tell you that it’s of a surprisingly high quality. We’re not sure what kind of magical dwarves Anastasia has at her disposal, but trust us, this pin is about as close to jewelry as a pin can get.

But she doesn’t just make killer pins and patches; Anastasia is a truly talented photographer. Recently she’s selected some of her favorite shots and is offering them up as signed prints in her store.

Everything Anastasia does is of the highest quality. Her products are well made, her photos are fantastic, and she’s a dream to order from. Her easy-going nature and attentive customer service are second to none, so if you’ve got an empty wall and you want something beautiful to hang on it, take a look.

Buy the pin, patches, and prints here

And that’s it for the WWS No 005.

If you’re the type who’d rather browse on your own, check out F Stop Cameras, eBay’s film photography listings, or browse Adorama.

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