Five Best Medium Format Cameras for Beginners in 2019

1600 800 Josh Solomon

We update our list of the best medium format cameras for those photographers just starting medium format in 2019.

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Check Out These Amazing Items from Flints Auctions’ October 18th Auction of Fine Photographica

2800 1575 James Tocchio

We highlight a small selection of special lots from the upcoming Flints Auctions October 18th, 2019 catalog of Fine Photographica.

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A Quick Look at the Polaroid Polaprinter Slide Copier

2800 1575 James Tocchio

Friday afternoon, end of the workweek, and my camera shop employee, Kyle, is walking out the door. I…

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Polaroid Originals Announces Discontinuation of all Spectra Films

2800 1200 James Tocchio

Polaroid Originals today announced that production of all Spectra Series film for classic Polaroid Spectra cameras has been…

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The Finetta 99 – a Shooter’s Review of a Collector’s Camera

1920 1080 Cheyenne Morrison

Cheyenne Morrison dives deep into the Finetta 99, a rare and beautiful film camera from 1950s Germany.

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Contax TVS Digital Camera Review

2800 1575 James Tocchio

A review of the Contax TVS Digital, a five megapixel point and shoot digital camera from the year 2002.

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Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 58mm f/2 – Lens Review

2400 1601 Cheyenne Morrison

Modern digital photographers looking for a more distinctive look have turned to classic manual focus lenses; and one of the most popular of these is the Soviet Helios 44-2, famed…

Our Favorite Fanboys Swap Camera Systems – Nikon F3 Versus Canon F-1

2400 1350 Chris Cushing

As objective as we are when reviewing unfamiliar cameras, our biases show when it comes to the cameras that remain with us permanently. My FD…

Desert Island Cameras No. 04 – Leica Edition with Japan Camera Hunter Bellamy Hunt

1280 783 James Tocchio

We’re back with another edition of Desert Island Cameras, the recurring feature in which we spotlight the best of the best from a given camera…

What I Learned from a Weekend Doing Everything Wrong (Photographically)

2200 1237 James Tocchio

Before we get too far in, and to ensure that we feel the full impact of my idiotic failings of the past weekend, it’s important…

We Pick Our Favorite Personal Photo of the Year, and We Want to See Yours

2200 1237 James Tocchio

A few weeks ago we published an article about the value of critiquing your own photography in order to improve at the craft. We also…