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Relive the Past With Eleven Minutes of Nikon Commercials


Are you at work? Do you hate your job? Then why not stick it to your awful boss by spending eleven minutes watching vintage Nikon commercials? We’ve scoured the Youtubes and discovered a veritable cornucopia of nostalgia. These TV ads are sometimes ridiculous, always entertaining. Things start out weird when Nikon pits an F2 against a fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles (for some reason?), and then get even stranger with La Toya Jackson shooting her backup dancers (check out those face covers…) with…

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luca ellena 007 profile

Featured Photophile No. 001 – Luca Ellena, Switzerland

Today is the beginning of a new Feature here on CP. It’s called Featured Photophile, and here we’ll showcase the photography of a talented amateur shooter, and give that person the opportunity to discuss all things photography. From their favored gear to…


Five Articles Photography Blogs Need to Stop Publishing

This hobby can be pretty polarizing, and that’s before we’re even shooting glass or water. HA! But seriously, the massive variety of camera makers, camera types, styles of shooting, and personal preferences gives rise to countless way-too-loud opinions. The…

Mint InstantFlex TL70 – Instant Camera Review

I spent this past weekend shooting an instant camera like no other. Mint’s InstantFlex TL70 is a twin lens reflex in the vein of Rollei and other TLRs of the distant past. Its vintage-inspired twin lenses sit ready to expose…

Nikon S2 Review Casual Photophile (3 of 9)

Nikon S2 – Camera Review

Every photo geek has their Holy Grail. We all dream of having the perfect machine, and more than most of us spend lots of time and cash actively seeking it out, even though we know such a search is futile.…

five photography books (1 of 1)

Five Books Every Photo Geek Should Own

Documentarian and filmmaker Werner Herzog once said, “If you don’t read, you will never be a filmmaker.” The same is true for any aspiring creator, whether we’re making movies, music, or photographs. The knowledge gleaned from books can inspire…

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