MeFoto Globetrotter Air Review – a Travel Tripod That Actually Works?

Travel tripods are notoriously bad. Flimsy and cheap, they’re disposable products destined to be discarded and replaced by something better. Or at least, that’s the perception. That’s why when B & H sent me the latest offering from MeFoto, I expected to be disappointed. This compact, lightweight tripod for shooters on the move is marketed as a high end construct for serious photo geeks. After two weeks, I agree that it’s better than most – but that doesn’t mean it’s…

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Remember the ’90s – Camera Edition

If it isn’t already apparent, James and I love old things, and when it comes to cameras, you can’t beat the classics. Cameras of the past were simpler to operate, more fun to shoot, and just plain looked better.…


How to Buy a Used Lens Without Getting Burned

Lenses are expensive. But used lenses are cheap. And thanks to their adaptability to today’s amazing mirror-less cameras, legacy lenses are becoming an ever more popular option for photo geeks looking for top quality at a fair price. But…

Olympus Trip 35 002

Olympus Trip 35 – Camera Review

As enthralling as photography can be, long days, months, and years spent shooting can wear you out. In the worst case, it can lead to a photographic malaise that can dismantle even the most well-built minds from the inside…


Featured Photophile No. 002 – Alex Denault, Canada

Featured Photophile, our recurring segment showcasing talented amateur photographers, is back. Today we’re spotlighting a nice guy named Alex who’s managed to create some amazing photos in a surprisingly short period of time. I sold Alex his first film camera just…


Relive the Past With Eleven Minutes of Nikon Commercials

Are you at work? Do you hate your job? Then why not stick it to your awful boss by spending eleven minutes watching vintage Nikon commercials? We’ve scoured the Youtubes and discovered a veritable cornucopia of nostalgia. These TV ads are…

luca ellena 007 profile

Featured Photophile No. 001 – Luca Ellena, Switzerland

Today is the beginning of a new Feature here on CP. It’s called Featured Photophile, and here we’ll showcase the photography of a talented amateur shooter, and give that person the opportunity to discuss all things photography. From their favored gear to…

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